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The train is not slowing down! Keeping up with the rapid changes of medical device sales.

Jill Salimbene

Ms. Salimbene has spent her career in the Medical Device Segment. Her comprehensive expertise in Sales, Management, and Marketing ranges from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies.  Her collaborative leadership style and genuine passion for success have gained her a leadership award from Johnson & Johnson, and top sales and marketing awards from other companies where she has worked. For more information, please visit her LinkedIn Profile.

Those were the days when the only way to really find a job or gather intelligence in the medical device community was through a Recruiter. Recruiters worked for the sales and low-level manager positions.   Executive Recruiters really did ONLY work on executive jobs then and typically were always retained. Territory sales Managers were not “Managers”, rather sales reps.  Regional Sales Manager were true Managers of sales teams.  There were ample recruiters circulating throughout the country for everyone.

When you landed the job, the work really began.  You had to know your segment better than the surgeon/physician. You spent endless hours being strained, drained, and slightly trained. There was the time you were thrown into the “Wolves”.   Many tears of joy and pain as you traveled down the path to success.  In six months you would wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “ I think I get this”.  And in one precious hard working year, you would wake up and say to yourself, “This is a piece of cake”.  You had the company car. You had the gas card, expense account.  Money was good and Life was great.


Even if you have just bounced out of your third reorganization or acquisition, your career is not over.  It is simply the change we have been confronting for so long in the medical device community.

The changes on your resume are not eye sores any longer.  They are the new way of surviving in this Healthcare reform world.  Rapid changes do not mean sales have to slip.  Matter of fact,  it could mean you are being handed a new opportunity to move your sales at twice the speed.

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Let’s accept the challenge.  Do not worry about the employee you know who lied on his resume to get in the door. They will get there’s in time.

Linkedin has become the Facebook for Professionals.  Indeed, CareerBuilder and hundreds of other companies are constantly pulling information off of your resume while you are looking in between jobs.  Your email boxes being filled daily will be the norm.  Days of frustration may also accompany the low self-worth we all can experience during job changes.

Most of these companies become black holes for job seekers.  Recruiters rarely have the time to return a call or acknowledge an email. The black hole now grows larger for us.  You receive job opportunities, apply the same day and learn the next day that the job is no longer available.  Get used to it.

Yes, networking is part of the answer.   You must not take your foot off of the gas and at the same time, you must not forget why you are here.  It is not all about the money.  If you get to that point, you have lost your focus and your dreams may vanish.

You may be overqualified, underqualified, in a space you have no experience in but you can still beat your competition at twice the speed. Remain focused daily doing something for your job search.

Look closely at what you bring to the table.  Keep the momentum moving in the right direction, and don’t let your talent slip. There is plenty to do!

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Dan Pastrick & Associates is pleased to announce the addition of a new Coaching Service, along with the Consulting Service it currently offers. Career coaching services from Dan focus towards Medical Device Engineers in Manufacturing, Product Development, Operations, or Quality roles. Career coaching services from J. Salimbene Enterprise, led by Jill, are directed at Sales professionals working in the medical device space.

Please click this COACHING link to enter the website for further information and an opportunity for a Free Coaching session!

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