Q4 Checkup… Are you on track to meet your 2016 Employee Goals?

As a supervisor with over twenty-five years helping new, transferred, and seasoned employees find the direction they need to complete their individual goals and team support functions, a images-51recurring theme plays out every so often. Typically someone comes into my office at review time, and they tell me how great they were the past three or four months. Unless their dictionary describes annual with less than twelve months, I’m pretty sure this employee has a small surprise that should not have happened if they listened in my group meetings throughout the year. Annual reviews cover all twelve months, not just the three or four you want to highlight. You received a paycheck all twelve months didn’t you?

At this part of the year, Fourth Quarter (Q4), it is too late to do so great that an average prior nine months won’t outweigh the last three. As a supervisor you could have been receiving weekly or bi-monthly updates on what your employees were working on, and if they were on time and producing quality work. If the work was not adequate, or you didn’t challenge them enough to earn a promotion that was discussed at the last review, the next review won’t be much fun for either party. It is also time to let them know on a more frequent basis if they are meeting the quality and quantity of work you expect and have outlined in their job descriptions.

Approaching your employees sooner than later about this type of a situation is best in my opinion. It is going to hurt either way, but allowing your employee(s) to think good to great things are may happen around the holidays is even more of a letdown in my experience.

Supervision is a year around occupation… on top of the job title they gave you too, of course. Don’t treat it like it is a monthly, quarterly, or annual event. Engage your employees often, listen to them, advise when necessary, and guide them until they are on the right path on their own. Not only will you both be better-off, but your company will prosper more, both sides will be happier about coming into work, and great things can happen when employees are motivated from within.



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