Paralysis by Analysis… an Issue, or is it Their Culture?

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Most everyone has heard some form of this phrase. Planning versus stagnation, you’re overthinking this, let’s make this perfect, and so on. The flip side could be ‘extinct by instinct.’ A steady diet of either of these situations can be bad for whatever business is dealing with these types of people, and the culture that lets it continue to happen. Not creating an appropriate path forward versus shooting from the hip can create business closures.

Do either of these situations dominate your company environment? I would suspect big company tendencies would lean towards paralysis by analysis as there could be much more at risk, particularly if the company has one or more divisions and a worldwide footprint. Startups and small to midsize companies take pride in moving quickly, being agile enough to outmaneuver the competition, therefore, lend themselves to shooting from the hip, some to the point of extinction.

These company cultures are in all types of businesses. Commercial, automotive, industrial, medical devices, finance, internet companies, and more. They can be either a private or public entity with their upper management directing the type of business culture they wish to employ.

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Within the medical device industry, inaction due to prolonged decisions, or running by instinct can not only create an atmosphere of frustration, but it lends itself to pressuring employees to take shortcuts that could negatively impact the business from the senior level pressure.

FDA requirements must be meet at all times regardless of the size of the company or how many people they have on their board. An FDA inspector once told me there are no days off or time outs for being in compliance. She was and still is correct.

Does this mean all companies have one type of culture or the other? I hope not. I have seen many sites first hand with pockets of one or both types of Directors, Managers, or Supervisors heavily favoring one of these methods in their department. As long as the senior management can stay in control and not let the work of a few managers jeopardize the entire business, the business should continue to move forward. If the senior management is serious about improving the company, more training, upgrading key positions, and getting closer to the ground forces to see things are being done as they should be is a good start. Not reading reports which get significantly ‘cleansed’ before reaching your eyes for review may also be helpful. Try Manage by walking around (MBWA), it works!

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