It’s 2017, What Are Your Goals for This Year?

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Another year, another let down on your must have goals from last year, or did you let yourself down? What were your goals? Did you give them all serious thought, or just write up the first few things that popped into your mind to get them to your supervisor on time? Did you do a self-evaluation over the course of the prior year to identify what you would like to do better? Do you want to improve your professional knowledge to prevent becoming outdated in your current position? Can you even achieve your professional goals with your current company?

These are not all the questions you could ask yourself, but if you would like to make some viable headway on meeting your 2017 goals, researching your wants and needs so you understand the benefits that may result achieving them could be helpful. Even better if your achievements benefit you to become more well-rounded and ready for the next level.

Start making a list of your wants and needs. Next, take a deeper dive into the goal and ask yourself if you believe you have the time and energy to tackle this goal within the timeframe you need to complete. Is your supervisor or company going to support it, or will you need to tackle it off hours after work? Do you have the finances and support structure to help you through the tough times of this venture? Lastly, do you believe in the goal to ensure you will follow through and complete the goal?

Not all goals need to be getting a certification or an MBA. They certainly can be project oriented, or metric based such as setting up metrics for your department and how to collect the data and post it daily/weekly. If you’re in production with repeat builds you could have metrics for reducing scrap, reducing the build times without increasing scrap or discrepant products, or on time delivery metrics. Customer service may look at percent accuracy of orders input, the total time to place an order, or the number of complaints received for products or services as a metric.

Whatever your situation is, I suggest you take more than a few minutes to put some meaningful goals together that are not only helpful to you, but your company thereby creating a win-win position and hopefully this year’s goals are also going to help keep you engaged through to the completion. Now that you have some guidance on how… just execute and reap the benefits!

Source: Google Chrome
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