How Are You Helping Your Supervisor Make You a Better Employee?

It’s great to say you have a job you like and you think you’re good at it. It’s more fun to go to work each day feeling good about yourself and your career than dreading each hour you are there. But does that make your work in the eyes of your supervisor average, really good, or exceptional? Are you being given opportunities to show you are an exceptional employee?

If your thoughts are you are a minimalist, but you do the minimum work well, expect minimum pay commensurate with your effort. If you do average work but hope it is perceived as fabulous, expect average pay. If you work above and beyond the average person in your group and you are completing assignments on time throughout the full review period, then expect a bit more than average!

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Too many direct reports still believe they can slide six-nine months with average effort, and then start to do much better three or more months before the review period, so they will ‘look good’ to their supervisor. Then they seem disappointed when they don’t get a raise or a larger increase than they did. Review periods are typically twelve months long. A three-month spurt does not equal twelve months of average output… period!

For the employee that is a go-getter and wants to raise his or her game to the next level, you may need to ‘help’ your supervisor along as many of them seen a lot of average type employees and lowered their sights/expectations for them instead of adjusting them for you.

Let your supervisor know you can take on more work and still be effective at a high level. Ask for ‘special assignments’ to help separate you from the rest of your group and peers in other groups. See if you can help some of the peers in your group that may be struggling to do a better job and increases the group’s output. Look for any game-changing ideas, or at least significant improvements somewhere in your business that you could lead to help make the company better in the quality of products, perceived value to the customers, financially, or just a much-improved place to work. The more you look at your company for improvements, the better your chances become to start that move to the next level, and hopefully an appropriate raise and possible promotion to go along with it!

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