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Ambulatory Surgery Centers: What is the Impact to the Medical Device Community? Part II

Jill Salimbene

Ms. Salimbene has spent her career in the Medical Device Segment. Her comprehensive expertise in Sales, Management, and Marketing ranges from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies.  Her collaborative leadership style and genuine passion for success have gained her a leadership award from Johnson & Johnson, and top sales and marketing awards from other companies where she has worked. For more information, please visit her LinkedIn Profile.

To continue from my prior blog, ASC’s will continue to grow as Medicare is accepted and expanding into more locations throughout the United States. This will equal more cases and bigger cases in the ASC setting.   Ophthalmology will certainly continue to thrive while the orthopedic market expands knees, hips, spine, trauma, sports medicine, and wound care cases (among others).  Within up to a 10- year time frame, it will not be uncommon to see cardiology parallel total joints in this new surgical environment.

The Results…

Infection rates will remain low in the ASC. Patient tracking and interaction using data based business will be the new norm to determine the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Patients will definitely be playing more of a role in their own care, as it becomes “mainstream.” Surgeons, though working under different rules, will have an opportunity to manage their businesses and financial gain through their partnership with the ASC’s use of bundling programs from the “Super Orthopedic companies” who carry a wide breadth of products. The ASC’s will also begin to work very closely with the medical device companies which will require flexibility and creativity and perhaps customizing of their agreements. Strategic planning, investments in technologies, and education will be an ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality, low-cost care. Selling to the surgeon will only be a small piece of the transformation taking place. C-Suites and ASC staff will also play a major role with the ASC teams at the medical device companies as they collaborate with a product portfolio that will provide an edge for both parties.


A control of who “owns” the business will rest on the orthopedic company who carries the entire bag of tricks. Securing the business will necessitate flexibility in customizing plans for their ASC customers and educating all teams interacting with the ASC in the coming months.

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It may be a bumpy road ahead, but with time we will become experts once again.

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