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I was born in Southwest Michigan and lived there through college. I attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Though my early career started in the industrial market, it quickly transformed into the medical device arena beginning with a Product Development Engineer position at Zimmer USA in Warsaw, Indiana. I worked with major hospitals and chief surgeons along with marketing to develop and release state of the art products. I continued my development work with Baxter working in Orthopedics (soft tissue), a gastrointestinal implant for morbidly obese patients, and cardiovascular products.

The next phase of my career began when I then returned to Indiana to work on orthopedic product development and manufacturing engineering for specialty projects and custom devices. It was my first position where I had direct responsibility for the manufacturing engineering side of the business. Our department made custom implants/instruments and special hip implants. From there I started my own service business in Florida representing two CNC machine shops, one plastic injection molder, and one specialty foam packing company exclusively to medical device companies.

The third phase of my career began when I moved back to Southern California as a Director of Product Development for a small orthopedic company. At the end of the first year I was promoted to Director of Operations, and then VP of Operations. This was the first company where I was responsible for producing goods sold, and the second company I was directing the manufacturing engineering effort. I also had responsibility for the quality and regulatory departments from my initial hire. Subsequently I moved from the desert to the ocean to work for Helix Medical, an OEM/Custom silicone product manufacturer. I spent the next three years in Manufacturing Engineering, and was promoted to VP of Engineering after the first year. I was promoted to VP of Operations at the end of the third year following the completion of many continuous improvement activities which allowed the company to reduce costs, improve throughput, quality, and capacity. I then moved to Biohorizons (dental implant business) in Alabama as their new VP of Manufacturing to initiate in-house manufacturing capability, including their first time ERP software installation. This was the only company I worked with that bought all of their products through suppliers. Most recently I joined the Osteotech production team in NJ to be their Strategic Business Unit Director for new product releases. Osteotech made tissue implants from human bone for spine fusions in a Class 100 (aseptic) environment.

Following the buyout by Medtronic and downsizing the company to a manufacturing site, we reorganized so I could be in charge of the manufacturing engineering department for all product lines as the Senior Engineering Manager.

In summary I have directed Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering, and Operations departments for multiple medical device companies. My supervision and project development activities started with Zimmer and have continued throughout my career. I have demonstrated continuous improvement project successes with several different product types of businesses throughout the country. I collaborate very well with cross functional teams from the feasibility stage through production release, and the product/process optimization phase post release.

My personal interests are staying in contact with my wonderful son and his family in MN, and fabulous daughter in FL. I also enjoy golf, working out, movies, personal investment strategies, and learning new computer skills/software.