How Can I Get Promoted? Start by Not Doing These Five Things!

Many employees are hard workers and do all the things they should to be considered a ‘valuable’ employee. But how many Supervisor or Manager positions are available at their company so they can make a positive move upward? Typically very few.

If you have put yourself in a favorable position and made the personal commitment to train and learn how to become a supervisor, then be sure to …

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Additive Manufacturing for Plastics, the Other Frontier

We learned in the last blog the impact 3D printing has had on the orthopedic business. This issue is all about the impact of plastics and similar materials in medical applications. Newly customized braces are emerging that would have been cost prohibitive or not possible to make before this technology stepped in to fill a need. Braces with ventilation pockets not only reduce the weight…

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Additive Manufacturing, The New Frontier or Another Sizzle, Spark, Then Dark?

For medical device professionals that are not directly involved in additive manufacturing, I have assembled examples of current products being made that can enhance, reduce costs, or go beyond CNC machining methods for orthopedic implants to help patients at a new level for various bone defect issues or trauma-related problems.

Wikipedia’s definition: 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes in which…

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It’s Officially 2018, Time to Take Charge of Your Life… Again

Whether you liked, were OK, or hated the past year, it’s GONE. Forget it and move on no matter how it treated you. If you don’t create real actions now for things you desire this year, other people, situations, or opportunities may arise to steal your mojo which could result in you falling into a first-quarter funk.

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What types of lost opportunities do you ask? Well how about that new job/promotion you have been telling yourself about, but you never took any actions to make it happen. You put off keeping your supervisor apprised of the good work you did throughout the past year and failed to…

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Last Call for 2017 Objectives, Goals, and Wish List Tasks

Well, the year is nearly over and what do you have to show for your efforts? A long list of accomplishments, a long list of reasons why you couldn’t get anything accomplished, or a bit of both?

Wishing, hoping, and dreaming is a great exercise, but some type of plan to guide your steps and outline what must be done. Not guessing your next moves would go a long way towards moving the needle further to the right side for completed activities/goals, in lieu of a left side direction showing little to…

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Happy Face, Sad Face, or Leftover Bonus Again?

It’s the end of year review season. Are you ready? You should have been preparing since January of this year. If you think that doing below average work for nine or ten months, and then an output spurt until review time goes unnoticed by your supervisor, be ready for a disappointment. Annual reviews are for a twelve-month period. If you only met your supervisor’s expectations (job description requirements) for the last three months, that is 25% of the fiscal year. I would take this year’s average employee raise…

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Tis the Recruiting Season for New Job Openings in Q1 2018, Will You Be Called?

Traditionally the first quarter of a new year is the ‘boom’ hiring season of the year for companies with calendar year reporting (January through December). New budgets can mean newly approved job openings. This means if you don’t have a great and complete profile on LinkedIn, resumes and profile information up to date on Monster and CareerBuilder, and any other major sites for your particular occupation, you will probably be missed if you are an active job…

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What Comes First, Urgency or Importance?

When there is a problem identified at your company, who decides what is most important and who will attend to the issue(s)? Does Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, and Product Development all quickly choose the same problem area, or is there three or four opinions about which issue should be tackled first? If there are recurring issues in the same area, are they being documented and properly attended via your quality system so a CAPA…

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Time to Start Looking for a Job? What’s Worse, Staying Put or Job Hunting?

Sometimes going into work just isn’t how you remembered years ago when you were so happy to go to your current company. How things can change. What are your options now? Does your company have other sites that would allow you to transfer? Do you want to stay in the same geographical area? Do you […]

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Peers at Your Workplace, Helpful or Resentful?

At first blush, I would say most of the peers I had the privilege to work with in the early part of my career were very competitive. Everyone was trying to get noticed for that little extra raise we wanted. However, that type of atmosphere can really nullify team efforts and cross-pollination of information or breakthrough knowledge. If I tell other people how I…

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